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Vol 4, March 19, 2017

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The strategic planning session is over and we are all enthusiastic about the future. There is a sense of urgency to move to the next stage. Before you get in there Monday morning eager to share the good news, you need to think through how this will be implemented in the operations. The same thoughtful planning that went into the organization of the Strategic Plan, needs to be put into the Operations Implementation Plan. Key questions to ask are:
What is the compelling story that must to be told to explain the need for change?
What behaviors, work processes and business results need to change?
How will specific work processes change to meet the organization of the future?
What are the new operations targets by department, by work process?
How will success be measured?

In addition to these operations considerations, the human resources considerations need to be equally addressed. It is a mistake to assume that everyone will be infected with the same level of enthusiasm for the future visualized by the leadership. Here are some additional questions to be answered:
How will team members respond to the changes?
Who will be negatively affected by the changes?
How will the team be involved in developing the transition plan?
What support will the team require to meet the new targets and be successful?
How will resistance be addressed?
How will information be communicated to the team? Through what medium? By whom? How often?
How will feedback be encouraged and addressed?

The Fisher Model below shows the range of emotions that people can experience when dealing with organizational changes. Proactively addressing these feelings will make a difference to the success of the transition.

We will discuss more details of the Change Management Plan in the next edition.
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