The Optimizer – Vol 1, Feb 27, 2017

I am making a commitment to gathering and sharing insights into this quest for excellence I call “Optimization”.  After all, O-Squared Consulting (O2) is a lot about “Optimizing Operations” – Get it?

As I engage this new environment, it is my hope that we can share ongoing challenges, discuss creative solutions, see how some of the best practices and fundamental principles will be applied in Guyana.

Please share to your network and provide comments so that the creative juices keep flowing at a rich pace.

What is Optimization?  I like Merriam Webster’s definition – “an act, process, or methodology of making something (as a design, system, or decision) as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible;….” I’ve decided to be selective and ignore the rest of the definition referring to the mathematical procedures.

This definition is broadly inclusive of the people, processes and technology aspects that give a good grounding for the improvement work.  However, optimization needs focus – a big vision to give everyone direction and a sense of purpose. The purpose of optimization is to transform operations to meet business goals. This means that a commitment needs to be made to articulate the best future scenario for a sustainable, successful operation so that the optimization efforts can be successful.

Harnessing the ideas of different stakeholders groups provides a rich perspective to craft a substantive, meaningful vision of the future and provides strong motivation for team members to stay engaged. Progressive leadership has moved beyond the period when the inputs to strategic visioning are limited to members of the executive inner circle. Front-line, supervisory and middle management staff are also blessed with intelligence and foresight and they are closer to the customers. Including them creates shared ownership and deeper commitment.

What is your vision for your optimized business operations?


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